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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from SCS Software

Author: admin | 24-12-2020, 15:27 | Views: 314 | Comments: 0
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from SCS Software News ETS2 Total views: 314
Our dearest #BestCommunityEver,

The festive end of the year is fast approaching, and the team at SCS Software is taking a bit of time off to enjoy the holidays and to recharge our batteries. We will slow down the pace of news updates and social media posts over the next couple of weeks, but we'll be back in January with new energy and lots of new topics to cover.

Meanwhile, we trust that all the automated systems we have put in place will keep on working only with a bit of monitoring needed. So you should be able to enjoy our new Christmas Wise Giving event on World of Trucks, as well as still being able to catch up on the Cruising Colorado event if you are thinking of getting the new map expansion.

To say that this year has been difficult is an understatement. A lot of us have been through really rough times. There is a glimpse of hope on the horizon now with news that the world may have a cure next year, but we need to be patient and keep ourselves and the ones dear to us as safe as possible now. We are proud that our games are a part of life for so many of our fans, and we will be happy to provide you with company again if need be in the coming weeks. Ours is a hobby that fits the limitations of Stay at Home very well - or rather Truck at Home in our case!

So, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea put on some warm and cozy clothes, get yourself some good and tasty food, watch some classic movies, and let these stories pull you into fantasy worlds where everything is possible. Or grab a steering wheel, a game controller, or just your trusty keyboard and mouse, and play the games you love, including American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Additionally, if you have missed our Christmas Special live-stream on Monday, you can watch the recording now, too. Maybe it can put a smile on your face as we reflect on the good stuff we managed to pull off in 2020, while also teasing and hinting at the future of our games in the years to come.

No matter how you are going to spend the holidays, have a wonderful time, and please stay safe.

Merry Christmas!

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